This is Teresina at Loma Verdes community Sign in Chula Vista
Residents of the Lomas Verdes community in Chula Vista enjoy access to the beautiful park with vast lush green grounds
This is Santa Cora Park Community park sign in Chula Vista
This is Vista Sonrisa Marquee in Chula Vista California
The homes in Lomas Verdes have attached garages and reside in spacious streets in Chula Vista California
This is sign of Santa Cora Park at the park entrance in Lomas Verdes neighborhood in Chula Vista
Residents of the Lomas Verdes Community have access to the community activity center
This is the basketball court in the Park near the Lomas Verdes Activity center.
Residents of the Lomas Verdes enjoy access to the Pool, which is open for residents from 5 in the morning to late in the evening.
Residents of the Homes in Lomas Verdes Community enjoy fair views of the Park greens.